S/Notify for Data Center

S/Notify for Jira Data Center

S/Notify for Jira Data Center has been available since version 3.2.1 (released July, 2020).

S/Notify for Confluence Data Center

S/Notify for Confluence has been approved for Data Center and made available with version 3.4.1 (released December, 2021).

S/Notify for Bitbucket Data Center

S/Notify for Bitbucket has been approved for Data Center. Due to Atlassian’s end of support for new Server apps, an S/Notify for Bitbucket Server edition is not available.

Data Center Customers

What this means for existing customers of S/Notify for Jira or Confluence Data Center:

Any customer running an S/Notify Server app on a DC instance need to convert their license over to a DC app license if they intend on upgrading to a DC compatible version.

For more information please see Atlassian Licensing: Data Center Approved Apps.

Server Customers

With Atlassian discontinuation of Jira Server and Confluence Server until 2024, customers will have to convert to Data Center editions if they want (or need to) to continue self-hosting and get support and maintenance from Atlassian.

S/Notify for Jira and Confluence Server

The S/Notify for Jira and Confluence Server apps will continue to be available as long as Atlassian continues to sell server apps. Server customers who stay on Server will be able to continue purchasing S/Notify apps until February 2, 2023 from the Atlassian Marketplace. Renewals are expected to be prorated with an end date of February 2, 2024 to match your server products' end of support date.

Server customers intending to purchase our apps or maintenance for our apps after these dates can get an offer from us directly. Please contact us in a timely manner via our service desk.

Server to Data Center Conversion

Customers converting their Jira or Confluence licenses to Data Center will also have to convert their S/Notify licenses to the DC compatible versions. This must be done through Atlassian, but we want to support our valued customers by providing a conversion discount to them.

S/Notify DC Conversion Discount

We have decided to offer a 30% discount to help our existing customers with the DC conversion!

We make this offer to our valued customers for both S/Notify for Jira as well as S/Notify for Confluence. Available only for a limited time. Currently, the deadline is 30th June, 2021 extended until December 31st, 2021.

How to apply

You are eligible to apply for a Data Center conversion discount if you have a paid and active Server license.

To get your discount code, please go to our service desk and select Apply for a discount. Please have your SEN (Support Entitlement Number) ready. The code can be used to get your next S/Notify Data Center license purchase discounted.



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